Commission Rebate
Hong Kong Property Discount Research Centre (HKPDRC) is dedicated to assist estate buyers to obtain Commission Rebate from estate agents.
We have successfully assisted many buyers to get
1.5% - 6% of Selling Price
 (Around $90,000 HKD to $680,000 HKD)
Commission Rebate in cash.



The entry threshold of Hong Kong estate agents is not high, so the professionalism among local estate agents is very uneven. There are many wicked and unprofessional estate agents and agencies in local market.


For this reason, we have recruited quality estate agents, to be our “Certified Estate Agents”, provide an alternative to the buyers who could not seek suitable estate agents.


Nevertheless, buyers do not need our help if they expect that they can get decent services and commission rebate from their trustable agents.


We do not receive any benefit in providing the voluntary assistance to the general public, so we do not hard sell our “Certified Estate Agents”. It is our great pleasure, if our information could help the buyers to make a right purchase without misleading and cheating from malicious estate agents, and get decent commission rebate.

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